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Helpful videos about parental allowance and parental leave

Felix Böhme, 10.04.2019

Do you already know our YouTube channel? In helpful videos, we explain how to fill out the parental allowance application form (all federal states available) and answer frequently asked questions about parental allowance and parental leave.
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No parallel allocation of pensionable child-raising periods for both parents during joint parental leave

Felix Böhme, 09.04.2019

The State Social Court Erfurt - LSG (file reference L 2 R 760/17) has ruled, that a double allocation of pensionable child-raising periods for the same period cannot be made even then, when both parents take parental leave at the same time.
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Our new services: Customers attract customers and satisfaction guarantee

Felix Böhme, 03.04.2019

We have added two useful features to our parental allowance software:
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The (relatively) overwhelming tax code counts with multiple changes

Felix Böhme, 28.03.2019

With today's date, the Federal Social Court (file reference: B 10 EG 8/17 R), which tax code must be taken into account when determining the notional parental allowance net, if the tax code has been changed more than once during the assessment period.
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Positive judgment for co-entrepreneurs in partnerships

Felix Böhme, 15.12.2018

The annual profit of a sole proprietor is not counted pro rata on the parental allowance, if the parent has renounced it according to the articles of association.
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Family Ministry publishes parental allowance digital

Felix Böhme, 30.10.2018

Recently, the BMFSFJ launched the new Parental Allowance Digital portal ( There parents from Saxony and Berlin can fill in the parental allowance applications online and also get an individual list of the required documents.
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Assessment Period,Exclusion Not Possible

Felix Böhme, 30.04.2018

Since the spring of 2018, there has been an administrative instruction for the parental allowance offices that - contrary to previous practice - it is no longer possible to do without exclusions. Reason for the changed instruction is the judgment of the Federal Social Court of 16.03.2017, reference B 10 EG 9/15 R).
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Update: Christmas and holiday money increas parental allowance not

Felix Böhme, 04.07.2017

In 2016, the Berlin-Brandenburg State Social Court ruled in favour of the recipients of parental benefit (File reference: L 17 EG 10/15). If Christmas and/or holiday money is paid in the form of a 13th and/or 14th monthly salary according to the employment contract, these payments - even if they are taxed at source as so-called other remuneration - must be taken into account to increase the parent's allowance.
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Parental allowance and Hartz IV

Felix Böhme, 09.05.2017

Ain't this a zero-sum game? This question is frequently asked regarding the simultaneous receipt of parental benefit and the so-called Hartz IV. According to the 'zero-sum game' principle, the payment of parental allowance works for families
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Parental allowance and health insurance

Felix Böhme, 09.05.2017

An important topic for the receipt of parental allowance is the health insurance status during parental leave or the receipt of parental allowance. This article shall briefly and concisely present the most important case studies and give a few tips
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Parental Allowance Interview

Felix Böhme, 25.02.2017 / 13.04.2017

Parental allowance consulting Dresden went to the family magazine Kind + Kegel for an interview Theme parental allowance available. Part 1 can be found here . Part 2 is here . Following this article you will find the unabridged and unedited interview.
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Commissions on parental allowance eligible


The State Social Court of Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart ruled in the interests of the parents! Regularly received commissions which were taxed as other remuneration can therefore - contrary to administrative practice - be taken into account in the parental allowance
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Christmas bonus and holiday money can raise parental allowance

Felix Böhme, 22.07.2016

The national social court Berlin-Brandenburg recently ruled in favor of the Parental allowance recipients (file reference: L 17 EG 10/15). If Christmas and / or holiday pay is paid in the form of a 13th and / or 14th monthly salary according to an employment contract, these payments are
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Dresden remains birth capital


The State Statistical Office has announced that Dresden 2014 was once again the birth capital. A total of 6,300 children were born in the state capital in 2014. This is the Saxon capital again
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Parental Allowance Optimization Through Wage Tax Class Change


Many parents are wondering whether a change of income tax is worthwhile regarding the parental allowance. In principle, it should be noted that the amount of the parental allowance of employees is significantly dependent on the wage tax bracket to be taken into account
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News from the parental allowance consultancy Dresden


Here you can find the latest news on the subject of parental benefits & Co.
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