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Calculate the start and end of your parental leave quickly and easily with our parental leave calculator

Parental leave is the legal entitlement of employees to unpaid leave from their employer to care for and raise their child. With our calculator, you can quickly and easily calculate your parental leave duration. In addition, we calculate the exact date of the application deadline for the parental leave application, so that you also do not submit it too late.

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*Eine "Frühgeburt" in diesem Sinne liegt vor, wenn das Geburtsgewicht unter 2.500g liegt und/oder ärztlich attestiert wird, dass Reifezeichen noch nicht (vollständig) ausgebildet sind.
Each parent has up to 36 months of parental leave available, which can be claimed within the first 8 years of the child's life.
In addition to the specific parental leave duration, our parental leave calculator will also tell you the application deadline date by which parental leave should be claimed from the employer at the latest.

Important note:

Parental allowance is always and without exception applied for months of the child’s life. Therefore, our parental leave calculator only offers the option of calculating parental leave according to the months of life.

Parents can also claim their parental leave differently, please keep in mind, that you should at least apply for the time of your parental allowance reference period.

How does the parental leave calculator work?

First, the calculated date of delivery, or the actual date of birth, must be entered in order to determine the relevant information for the month-of-life principle and the application deadlines, for one thing.


In the second step, you enter the parental leave periods of the mother and/or father. A maximum of 36 months of life are possible here, which you can theoretically claim in the first 8 years of life.


As a result, you will receive the specific parental leave dates and the application deadlines. The latter indicate the date by which the parental leave application must be submitted to the employer. If parental leave is claimed within the first two years of the child’s life, the application deadline is 7 weeks; if parental leave begins between the fourth and eighth year of life, the deadline is 13 weeks.


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