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The most important information at a glance

Parental Allowance in five points - Parental Allowance ...

  • is a state social benefit for parents
  • you get regardless of the employment situation
  • you apply for allowance/request after child’s birth
  • is at least 300, - EUR, maximum 1,800, - EUR per month of life
  • holds many possibilities

Who is entitled to parental allowance?

Here are the five key requirements to receive parental allowance:
  1. You are domiciled or ordinarily resident in Germany
  2. You live with your child in the same household
  3. You look after and educate the child yourself
  4. During the parental allowance, you have a maximum of 30 hours per week in paid employment
  5. Your taxable income last year was not more than € 250,000, or € 500,000 (parent)

Requirements to receive parental allowance

More videos with all the information about parental allowance can be found in our Parental Allowance Course.
Parental allowance is a state social benefit for the support of parents who cease all or part of their gainful employment after the birth of their child in favor of childcare.
In order to receive parental allowance, you have to restrict all or part of your gainful employment to childcare . As a rule, self-employed and tradespeople can themselves determine or direct the extent of their employment. If necessary, they can also hire someone of e.g. supervises and handles the orders. Self-employed and business people are therefore not affected by the so-called parental leave, as they usually have no employer.

But for employees to be able to limit their employment, it requires a kind of "special leave" or flexible part-time employment. In order to guarantee this to the employees, the legislator implemented the so-called parental leave into the Federal Parental Allowance and Parental Leave Act (BBEG), so that they have a legal right to this type of "special leave" or flexible use of part-time models.
For the claim to parental allowance, it is necessary that you look after and educate your child. In concrete terms, this means that you (and possibly your partner) are responsible for "supervision and education".

If you are a self-employed person or a trader, you must make it sufficiently credible to the respective Parental allowance agency that you do not spend more than 30 hours per week on the job. This is done on a regular basis by a written statement on employment itself and what measures have been taken for the parental allowance period so that you do not work more than the number of hours allowed (eg extra staff, acceptance of orders, etc.).
On average, you can not work more than 30 hours per week to receive parental allowance. In other words, if you are employee , you may agree to a maximum of 30 hours of regular weekly work.

If you are a self-employed person or a trader , you must make it sufficiently credible to the respective Parental allowance agency that you do not spend more than 30 hours per week on the job. This is done on a regular basis by means of a written statement on employment itself and what measures have been taken for the parental allowance period so that you do not work more than the number of hours allowed (eg extra staff, acceptance of orders, etc.).

The calculation of the parental allowance

What is my parental allowance?

Basic Parental Allowance is at least € 300, but not more than € 1,800 per month. If Parental allowance-Plus is applied for, these amounts are halved (twice as many Parental allowance Plus months). In principle, the amount of the parental allowance is based on the amount of the prenatal income, which is omitted after birth (currently). The height corresponds to approx. 65% to 67% of the previous income, or the income gap, whereby the replacement rate for low incomes can rise up to 100%.

Your parental allowance is calculated very individually based on your income situation. Use our free calculator or even better: our parental allowance software to calculate your parental allowance very concretely.

How much can I earn?

If you earn income from self-employment or self-employment during your reference month, the parental allowance will only be paid proportionately. However, the additional earnings are not simply "deducted". In a complex calculation, the Parental allowance office determines the difference between the parental allowance net (the average monthly earnings of the applicant in the assessment period) and the additional income to be credited. The previously determined replacement rate (i.d.R. 65 percent) is then only applied to the difference and paid out as parental allowance.

During Parental allowance Plus you can earn half your prenatal net income without being charged. Use our parental allowance software to accurately calculate the impact of earning money on your case.

Choose the optimal reference period

The ways in which you can apply for parental allowance are very versatile. Whether you should choose only basic Parental allowance, excluding Parental allowance Plus or a combination of both, depends on various factors.

What is the difference between Basic Parental Allowance, Parental Allowance Plus and the Partnership Bonus Months?

Basic Parental Allowance, Parental allowance Plus, and Partner Bonus Months are the three currently different types of potential parental allowance. In the following overview, these species are presented on the basis of realistic examples:

Basic Parental Allowance is the Parental allowance par excellence. Both parents have 14 months basic parental allowance. The division can be arbitrary, but a parent can take a maximum of 12 months (exception: single parent) to complete. At least two months of basic basic allowance must be claimed. Only a single month basic parental allowance is not provided. The use of parental allowance can be waived.


Both father and mother are employed. Their child was born on 23.08.2019. They choose the "classic" division of the parental allowance months, in that the mother claims parental allowance for the first twelve months of life and the father claims parental allowance for the 13th and 14th month of life (the so-called Fathers' Months).

The (net) income of the mother is 2,093, - EUR, which means that her parental allowance claim is 1,360, - EUR (= 65% of 2,093, - EUR). The (net) income of the father is 1,967, - EUR, which is why his Parental allowance claim is 1,278, - EUR (= 65% of 1,967, - EUR).

After these 14 months of the child's life, the Parental allowance entitlement is exhausted (exception: use of partnership bonus months). Basic Parental Allowance can not be claimed beyond the child's 14th month (but Parental allowance Plus or Partner Bonus Months).

Basic Monthly Months Example

For children born from 01.07.2015 , parental allowance Plus can be applied for in addition to the basic parental allowance. A parental allowance plus month can be viewed as a half parental leave month. The parental allowance corresponds to 50% of the basic salary month. Both parents could apply for Parental allowance twice as long (up to the child's 28th month). The Parental allowance Plus offers several parental allowance options and thus many design options.

Example situation:

Both father and mother are employed. Their child was born on 23.08.2019. You choose the following types of Parental allowance:

The mother wants to refer the child's first five months of life to basic pensions. From the sixth month of life she would like to receive Parental allowance Plus until the 15th month of life. From the thirteenth month of life, the mother begins her employment again as an employee with 30 weekly hours. From the age of sixteen she works full time again.

The father wants to receive the mother's five-month basic salary together with the mother. From the age of sixteen, he only works part-time (30 hours a week) and would like to receive six months of Parental allowance Plus. From the age of 22, he is also working full-time for his gainful employment.

Example Basic Parental Months Amount of parental allowance claim:

The (net) income of the mother amounts to 2,093, - EUR, which is why her parental allowance entitlement in the first five months (= basic salary months) 1,360, - EUR (= 65% of 2,093, - EUR) is.

From 6 to 12 months of age, the mother does not work or earn Parental allowance Plus. Since the mother has no income during this period, her parental allowance is 680, - EUR (half basic salary). Since she returns to work after the age of 13 months (30 hours a week), she receives income. The claim to Parental allowance Plus is reduced to approx. 320, - EUR.


  • (net) income during part-time equals 1.600, - EUR.

  • That means an income fall of 493, - EUR (2.093 EUR - 1.600 EUR).

  • Of which 65% Parental allowance Plus is 320, - EUR.

The father's income is 1,967 EUR , which is why his parental claim for the fifth month of life is 1,278 EUR (= 65% of 1,967 EUR). His parental allowance entitlement from 16 to 21 months of age, taking into account his income from gainful employment, is 303, - EUR. The Parental allowance Plus during his 30-week part-time work is calculated as follows:

  • (net) income during part-time equals 1.500, - EUR.

  • This means an income fall of 467, - EUR (1,967 EUR - 1,500 EUR).

  • Of this, 65% parental allowance plus is 303, - EUR.

Thus, the mother and the father fully exhausted their parental allowance months (exception: use of partnership bonus months). Important: Parental allowance must be taken up completely from the 15th month of life, i. From this point on, no month of life may be "paused".

For children born from 01.07.2015, the so-called Partner Bonus Months can be applied for in addition to the Basic Parental Allowance and Parental allowance Plus.
Partner Bonus Months are eight more Parental allowance Plus Months (four per parent), which can be claimed in four consecutive months of child life. In order to receive partnership bonus months, two conditions must be met:

  1. The general prerequisites must exist in parallel for four consecutive months of life for both parents and

  2. Both parents must be at least 25 hours per week during this period and may have a maximum of 30 weekly hours.

Here, the legislator promotes a part-time employment of both parents with the aim that the care and education of the child by both parents is taken as equally as possible.

Situation as for Thus, the mother and the father spent their Parental allowance months fully (exception: use of partnership bonus months), only with the following modification:

  • - The mother works from the age of 16 months of the child further part-time with 30 hours per week and from the 22nd month of life would like to take advantage of the partnership bonus months together with the father.

  • - The father works from the age of 22 month on part-time with 30 weekly hours and applied for together with the mother 4 partnership bonus months.

Basic Monthly Months Example

Amount of parental allowance claim:
By taking advantage of the bonus months, the mother receives a total of four additional Parental allowance Plus months for the 22nd to 25th month of life. That is, taking into account their income, they receive € 320 per month (see Parental Allowance Plus bill).
By taking advantage of the bonus months, the father receives a total of four additional Parental allowance Plus months for the age of 22 to 25 months, ie, taking into account his income, he receives per month 303, - EUR (see invoice Parental allowance Plus).

To find the best option for you, we recommend our Parental Allowance Software or a personal advice.

Information about the application process

Where do you request parental allowance?

Parental allowance offices are responsible for setting the parental allowance. Each state regulates independently how it administers the parental allowance. As a rule, the counties and the independent cities have jurisdiction and have established an authority in the youth or social services. But there are exceptions. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, only one body is responsible: the state-owned state bank "L-Bank".

Which Parental Allowance Office is in charge of you and more contact information, please visit here.

When is Parental allowance paid out?

Parental allowance is paid regularly on the first day of the month of life for the following month of life. If this day falls on a weekend or public holiday, the payment date shifts to the next bank business day.


The child was born on 05.03.2016. The parental allowance was fixed in the correct amount by decision of 20.04.2016. On 05.05.2016 (Thursday) the applicant receives the parental allowance for the third month of life. As the 05.06.2016 is a Sunday, the payment of the parental allowance for the fourth month of life will be postponed to 06.06.2016 (Monday).

A disbursement in a sum or other disbursement modalities are not provided.

How do I apply for parental allowance?

Parental allowance must be requested in writing and formally on the respective application forms. Each state has its own application forms, you can find the forms of your state here.

In addition to the application forms, other personal documents must also be provided:

  • Fully completed Parental allowance form signed by both parents

  • Child's Birth Certificate or Birth Certificate

  • ID card copy of parents

  • Income statement (salary statements for employees, tax assessment of the year before the birth of the self-employed child)

  • If the mother is a civil servant, the certificate of remuneration during maternity leave, as well as grants for such remuneration or a certificate from the employer

  • Health Insurance Certificate on Maternity Benefit

  • Employee Benefit Certificate for Maternity Benefit or Private Health Insurance Certificate for Maternity Allowance Day Certificate

  • Employer certificate of parental leave

Save yourself the hassle of completing application forms and use our our Parental Allowance Software.

Parental allowance offices & Application Forms

Which parental benefit agency is responsible for you and further contact information can be found here. In addition, other important information and documents such as opening hours, address and your appropriate application.

Find your parental allowance point

Here you will find informative and detailed videos on the topic Parental allowance & Co, which help you to complete your application and answer initial questions. These can also be found on our Youtube channel.

To our videos

Yes. The application can not be submitted before the birth of the child. From birth, the following should be noted: Parental allowance is paid retroactively only for the last three months before the beginning of the month in which the application was received.


Birth on 05.03.2016/application on 20.08.2016

The parental allowance application went to the Parental allowance agency in the sixth month of the child's life. Therefore, parental allowance can only be paid for the third, fourth and fifth month of life. For the first and second month of life, the application was filed too late.

Birth on 05.03.2016/application on 29.06.2016
The parental allowance application was received by the Parental allowance agency in the fourth month of the child's life. Therefore, parental allowance can be paid for the first, second and third month of life. As the last date to receive parental allowance for the first month of life in this example, the application must be submitted by 04.07.2016 (last day in the fourth month of life).

Parental allowance is not paid for calendar months! The payout is based on the so-called life months of the child. The first month of life of the child begins with the day of birth and ends after one month.

Example - The child was born on 05.03.2016:

The first month of life begins on 05.03.2016 and ends with the end of 04.04.2016.
The second month of life begins on 05.04.2016 and ends with the end of 04.05.2016.
The sixth month of life begins on 05.08.2016 and ends with the end of 04.09.2016.
The 14. Month of Life starts on 05.04.2017 and ends on the 04.05.2017.

The assessment period is the period in which the parental income before the birth of the child is achieved.             

            For employees, the so-called 12-month period before the birth of the child is the regular period of notice (Caution may change due to maternity benefits!).             

            For self-employed and traders, the assessment period is usually the last tax assessment period, which is usually the last calendar year before the birth of the child. But here too there may be shifts.             

            In the case of so-called mixed income (income from self-employment and non-self-employed income), the principle of self-employment and self-employment applies, i. Again, the assessment period is usually the last calendar year before the birth of the child.             

            Reference period is called the period of parental allowance. These are the corresponding months of life of the child in which a claim to parental allowance exists.

Too complicated? - Our tip

The parental allowance rules can be complicated. Make it easy and, like many other parents, use our services to get the most out of your parental allowance. We offer you many possibilities to make your application for parental leave as easy and uncomplicated as possible:

Parental Allowance Course Parental Money Software Personal Consultation

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