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Parental allowance and income tax declaration

Felix Böhme, 24.06.2021

During parental leave, money is often tight. Many parents try to keep the monthly income as high as possible. It is not uncommon for the working partner to switch to the most favourable tax class 3, but what helps at first can turn out to be a costly mistake later on.
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Parental allowance sibling bonus

Felix Böhme, 27.05.2021

Parents of siblings are to receive special support in the form of a sibling bonus. The government has set itself the goal of providing special support for parents who have additional children within a short period of time. What the sibling bonus is and who receives it, we explain in this article.
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Parental allowance maximum rate

Felix Böhme, 21.05.2021

Parental allowance is a federal allowance that replaces prenatal income. In this context, parents receiving basic parental allowance at a minimum of €300, but a maximum of €1,800 per month of life of the baby.
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Parental Allowance - new regulations from 01.09.2021

Felix Böhme, 13.02.2021

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth under Dr. Franziska Giffey introduced a draft law in the Federal Cabinet on September 16, 2020, which was passed on the same day. This article is dedicated to the contents of the bill and its implications for parents.
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How to increase parental allowance | Tips and tricks

Felix Böhme, 08.02.2021

Parental allowance replaces prenatal income. In this article, we show you ways to increase your parental allowance
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Prohibition of employment due to Breastfeeding and parental allowance

Felix Böhme, 13.01.2021

On 01.01.2018 the Maternity Protection Act was modified, so that the new § 12 " Prohibited Activities and Working Conditions for Breastfeeding Women" Maternity Protection Act (MuSchuG) has now come into force.
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Applying for parental allowance

Felix Böhme, 20.07.2020

To apply for parental allowance successfully, there are many things you have to consider. In the following we will clarify the most important questions:
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The partnership bonus months

Felix Böhme, 08.07.2020

The partnership bonus in the parental allowance is a reward for those parents who share care and education for a period of time after the birth of their child and work part-time during that time.
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Parental allowance and additional income

Felix Böhme, 24.06.2010

As a state compensation benefit, parental allowance replaces about 65% of the prenatal net income. With Parental Allowance Plus it is even only half of that.
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Parental allowance and Corona crisis

Felix Böhme, 15.06.2020

The corona pandemic has changed the status quo for many people. The Federal Ministry for Families has attempted to compensate some serious situations of families with various short-term changes in the law.
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Parental allowance for the second child

Felix Böhme, 08.06.2020

These are certainly the most frequent questions in the context of parental benefit: "How much parental allowance do I get for my second child? "Will I get full parental allowance for my second child?" or "When is the best time to get a second child for parental allowance?".
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Maternity benefit for another child despite unemployment

Felix Böhme

An unemployed woman became pregnant again while receiving parental benefits for her first child. In this case, she is again entitled to maternity benefit from her health insurance fund. This is the result of a decision of the State Social Court of Lower Saxony-Bremen of 17 December 2019 (L 16 KR 191/18).
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Parental allowance for foreigners and cross-border workers

Felix Böhme, 21.12.2019

Under certain circumstances foreigners living in Germany are also entitled to German parental benefits. The crucial factor is whether you are allowed to be/are employed in Germany and/or whether you have the right to stay in Germany (settlement permit). The most important questions in this regard are explained in this article, but in these cases, advice from the parental allowance office or a professional parental allowance advisor can be very reasonable.
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Monthly revenue share can increase your parental allowance

Felix Böhme, 10.12.2019

The Regional Social Court Celle-Bremen has strengthened the rights of parents who, in addition to their salaried employees, also receive monthly turnover shares from their employers.
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Parental allowance course goes online

Felix Böhme, 06.05.2019

A new product joins the range of Einfach Elterngeld GmbH. An online-based parental allowance course is available as of today.
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Maternity allowance at a Glance

Felix Böhme, 15.04.2019

The Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) regulates financial allowances for (expectant) mothers, to secure income even though employment is prohibited for reasons of protection.
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Parental allowance Statistics Analysis 2018

Felix Böhme, 11.04.2019

Today the Federal Statistical Office published the parental allowance statistics for 2018. While the SPD celebrates the parental allowance due to the new statistics as a huge success, the mainstream media simply repeat the key words of the press release from the Federal Statistical Office on 11.04.2019.
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7 improvement suggestions for the parental allowance

Felix Böhme, 11.04.2019

Only recently, the Minister of Family Affairs announced that improvements and optimisations in the parental allowance law are currently being worked out in the Ministry of Family Affairs. In this article you will find 7 suggestions for improvement from us.
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