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Maternity benefit for another child despite unemployment

Felix Böhme

An unemployed woman became pregnant again while receiving parental benefits for her first child. In this case, she is again entitled to maternity benefit from her health insurance fund. This is the result of a decision of the State Social Court of Lower Saxony-Bremen of 17 December 2019 (L 16 KR 191/18).
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Parental allowance for foreigners and cross-border workers

Felix Böhme, 21.12.2019

Under certain circumstances foreigners living in Germany are also entitled to German parental benefits. The crucial factor is whether you are allowed to be/are employed in Germany and/or whether you have the right to stay in Germany (settlement permit). The most important questions in this regard are explained in this article, but in these cases, advice from the parental allowance office or a professional parental allowance advisor can be very reasonable.
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The Partnership Bonus Months – Opportunities and Risks

Felix Böhme, 11.12.2019

The so-called partnership bonus months are eight additional parental benefit plus months (four per parent), which can be claimed for four consecutive months of the child's life. In order to receive partnership bonus months, two conditions must be met:
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Monthly revenue share can increase your parental allowance

Felix Böhme, 10.12.2019

The Regional Social Court Celle-Bremen has strengthened the rights of parents who, in addition to their salaried employees, also receive monthly turnover shares from their employers.
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Apply for parental allowance

Felix Böhme, 05.06.2019

In order to successfully apply for parental benefits, many things have to be taken into account. In this Article, we answer the most important questions:
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Parental allowance and additional income

Felix Böhme, 30.05.2019

It is one of the most frequently asked questions about parental benefits: Is it worth working on the side? How much can I earn next to Elterngeld?
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Parental Allowance and Income Tax

Felix Böhme, 15.05.2019

Parental allowance is tax-free. Unfortunately, there is a weighty but here. Because it is subject to the so-called progressive tax, it is ultimately indirectly indirectly taxed by the income tax rate increases.
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Parental allowance for second child

Felix Böhme, 07.05.2019

It is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions in the context of parental allowance: "How much parental allowance is available to me for the second child? Unfortunately, there is no simple or general answer to this question as it depends on your individual situation.
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Parental allowance course goes online

Felix Böhme, 06.05.2019

A new product joins the range of Einfach Elterngeld GmbH. An online-based parental allowance course is available as of today.
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Maternity allowance at a Glance

Felix Böhme, 15.04.2019

The Maternity Protection Act (MuSchG) regulates financial allowances for (expectant) mothers, to secure income even though employment is prohibited for reasons of protection.
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Parental allowance Statistics Analysis 2018

Felix Böhme, 11.04.2019

Today the Federal Statistical Office published the parental allowance statistics for 2018. While the SPD celebrates the parental allowance due to the new statistics as a huge success, the mainstream media simply repeat the key words of the press release from the Federal Statistical Office on 11.04.2019.
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7 improvement suggestions for the parental allowance

Felix Böhme, 11.04.2019

Only recently, the Minister of Family Affairs announced that improvements and optimisations in the parental allowance law are currently being worked out in the Ministry of Family Affairs. In this article you will find 7 suggestions for improvement from us.
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Helpful videos about parental allowance and parental leave

Felix Böhme, 10.04.2019

Do you already know our YouTube channel? In helpful videos, we explain how to fill out the parental allowance application form (all federal states available) and answer frequently asked questions about parental allowance and parental leave.
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No parallel allocation of pensionable child-raising periods for both parents during joint parental leave

Felix Böhme, 09.04.2019

The State Social Court Erfurt - LSG (file reference L 2 R 760/17) has ruled, that a double allocation of pensionable child-raising periods for the same period cannot be made even then, when both parents take parental leave at the same time.
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Our new services: Customers attract customers and satisfaction guarantee

Felix Böhme, 03.04.2019

We have added two useful features to our parental allowance software:
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The (relatively) overwhelming tax code counts with multiple changes

Felix Böhme, 28.03.2019

With today's date, the Federal Social Court (file reference: B 10 EG 8/17 R), which tax code must be taken into account when determining the notional parental allowance net, if the tax code has been changed more than once during the assessment period.
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