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Christmas bonus and holiday money can raise parental allowance


The national social court Berlin-Brandenburg recently ruled in favor of the Parental allowance recipients (file reference: L 17 EG 10/15). If Christmas and / or holiday pay is paid in the form of a 13th and / or 14th monthly salary according to an employment contract, these payments - even if they are pay-taxed as so-called other salaries - should be taken into account in order to raise the parent's salary.

The decisive factor is the employment contract. On the other hand, if the payments are not declared as a regular 13th and 14th month salary, they will still not be eligible for parental benefit. Thus, the Land Social Court confirmed the judgment of the Social Court of Berlin. It is not yet known if the defendant (the city of Berlin) has appealed.

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Update: The appeal procedure is conducted at the Federal Social Court under the file number B 10 EG 5/16 R. Concerned parents should check an opposition with a request for procedural silence.

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