Maternity leave calculator

During the maternity leave periods you will receive Maternity leave payment according to the Maternity Leave Act. With our maternity leave calculator, you can quickly and easily determine the duration of your protection periods before and after the birth.

Calculate maternity leave
*Eine "Frühgeburt" in diesem Sinne liegt vor, wenn das Geburtsgewicht unter 2.500g liegt und/oder ärztlich attestiert wird, dass Reifezeichen noch nicht (vollständig) ausgebildet sind.


Would you like to calculate your exact parental leave dates? Use our Parental leave calculator, which also takes into account your protection periods.

With our Parental allowance calculator you can quickly and easily calculate your parental allowance entitlement and plan your reference period.

How our maternity leave calculator works

First, enter the expected date of delivery in the field provided. You can then directly calculate when maternity leave will begin at the latest.


Does the actual date of birth of your child differ from the calculated date? Then this will affect the calculation of your maternity leave. To determine your maternity leave period in this case, enter the actual date of birth next to the calculated date.


Of course, our maternity leave calculator also calculates the extended maternity leave periods after multiple births, after the delivery of premature babies or if your child was born with a disability. For this purpose, tick the corresponding box.


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