Child benefit departments (Familienkassen - Kindergeldkassen)

Parents who wish to apply for child benefit or child benefit bonus can contact The Federal Child Benefit Department. It includes 14 regional child benefit departments and 115 local offices.
We will inform you which office of the Child Benefits Department (Familienkasse) is responsible for you, which documents must be submitted for child benefits or child benefit bonus, and which changes in your personal situation must be reported to the Child Benefits Department.

Overview of all child benefits departments of the Federal Employment Agency with contact details such as address, telephone number, e-mail and opening hours


The most important in brief:

  • The child benefits departments have been part of the Federal Employment Agency since 2016
  • You can determine your responsible office by means of your place of residence
  • The child benefits department requires the child’s tax ID and other supporting documents, if necessary, in order to fully process your child benefits application

Find responsible child benefit department by federal state

Which child benefit department is responsible for me?

The child benefit department you need to contact depends on where you live. Here you will find all the contact details of the child benefit departments and you will be able to find the visiting or postal address, e-mail, telephone number and opening hours of the department responsible for you.

Required documents for the child benefit department

You would like to apply for child benefit or child benefit bonus? We will inform you which documents the child benefit department needs to process your application completely. In addition to the completed child benefit application, you must submit the child’s tax identification number in writing. If your child is already over 18 years old, further documents such as school certificates or proof of an internship are required. If the child was born abroad, the child benefit department will need the foreign birth certificate. You can find detailed information on the documents for child benefit in the article “Apply for child benefit”.

Where do I send the child benefit application?

You send your child benefit application to the child benefit department assigned to your place of residence. Another option is to fill out the applications on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

News: Latest news and changes

Child benefit department reform: transition to the Federal Employment Agency

The special responsibility of the child benefit departments was reformed by the legislature on December 8, 2016. The law enabled the child benefit departments to transfer responsibility to the Federal Employment Agency.

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