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Family Ministry publishes parental allowance digital


Recently, the BMFSFJ launched the new Parental Allowance Digital portal ( www.elterngeld-digital.com). There parents from Saxony and Berlin can fill in the parental allowance applications online and also get an individual list of the required documents.

In our opinion, this is a good step towards simplifying the Parental allowance application for parents, which we greatly welcome. However, there is ours In my opinion, a few more reasons why we do not like the platform recommend, which we would like to explain here:

1) Difficult phrases

The system of application is implemented as follows: After querying various Basic data on the applicant will be the respective request for parental allowance of the responsible State in the input mask. Basically, then parents fill one to one sometimes difficult to understand request, as if they had him right in front of him. The only one Positive here is that questions that for purely logical reasons for the individual case are not do not apply.

Nonetheless, applicants are sometimes faced with very difficult formulations.

Our parental allowance software was designed according to a completely different principle and asks not according to the respective federal state application, but inquires with as simple as possible Language and extensive auxiliary material relevant for the parental allowance claim Information. A clever algorithm even ensures that the statistically most common Statements or the logical conclusion already concluded after the previously entered data is preselected. This simplifies and shortens the filling in enormously.

2) input data will be deleted after 30 days without warning

Probably for privacy and data saving reasons will, in our opinion disproportionately, the cached data completely deleted. To a further period of non-use will even the entire customer account irrevocably deleted (without warning!).

There are many parents who come early, ie in the first or second Pregnancy trimester already deal extensively with the parental allowance (Supplement from 31.03.19: statistical evaluations of our software users confirm this fact).

If now applicants have started their application in the second trimester of pregnancy and then later after the birth want to log in to the rest of the data To complete and complete the application, you may find that all input data irrevocably deleted, yes even the customer account was deleted.

We criticize this rule because it disregards the reality of life of the parents. you Hardly finds any other service on the internet that has such strict deletion rules applies (see for example ElSTEr-Online). We see this as extremely parental-unfriendly.

Also in this point we can fully use our software recommend. The customer can, of course, on request, the deletion of his account however, the account will consciously "live" for the allowance of the users held so that at a further sibling, for example, much less data entered Need to become.

3) No care at the parental allowance office

Incomprehensibly, the parental allowance agencies are required to do so, not with the Applicants together with the advice in the parental allowance office, the portal "Parental allowance - Digital" to use and enter the data.

Here the support could be much more effective. It's the editors in the parental allowance offices, who will then also process the applications.

4) Parental Allowance Calculator and Application Separate

Parental allowance -Digital itself does not offer a parental allowance calculator. Applicants must therefore be up another website to use a parental money calculator to get the optimal Find out and plan the reference period. If you go there then one Desired reference period, you can not enter the data already entered but then has to re-enter the information Specify digital.

With such a large digitization project, it's hard for us to understand why Understand Why the Parental Allowance Calculator Does Not Work with the Parental Allowance Digital Tool was linked.

Of course, this feature is present in our software to get as fast as possible and easy to get the full parental allowance application.


The idea of "Parental allowance -Digital" is good. In the implementation there is still so optimization potential in some places.

Too complicated? - Our tip

The parental allowance rules can be complicated. Make it easy and, like many other parents, use our services to get the most out of your parental allowance. We offer you many possibilities to make your application for parental leave as easy and uncomplicated as possible:

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