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Parental allowance and additional income


It is one of the most frequently asked questions about parental benefits: Is it worth working on the side? How much can I earn next to Elterngeld?

In any case, you can earn extra money while receiving parental benefit. You can even work up to 30 hours a week (including all your working activities).

How does the deduction of additional earnings for parental allowance work?

Unfortunately, the calculation of additional earnings is very complex. The additional income is not simply "deducted" from the parental allowance, but the parental benefit agency compares your before-birth fictitious income with the after-birth fictitious net additional income.

Let's assume that the pre-birth net income is EUR 1,734. If you now have an additional income of EUR 1,000 net (fictitious net, taking into account the tax and social security deductions for the assessment period before-birth), you will have a loss of income of EUR 734. The loss of income is compensated in the amount of the replacement rate (65%). The parental allowance in this case would therefore be EUR 477.10.

However, the challenge is always to get out the gross amount (or the profit before tax, if self-employed). Our additional income calculator (part of the Elterngeldsoftware) calculates your additional income on the basis of the gross amount, which can be very helpful when planning your parental benefit.

Additional income with Basiselterngeld and ElterngeldPlus

While the Basiselterngeld does not have a credit-free additional income limit and thus each euro of additional income also reduces the parental allowance proportionately, with ElterngeldPlus you can earn half of your pre-birth net income credit-free, which can be quite lucrative. Additional income during Basiselterngeld withdrawal is therefore generally not worthwhile because the losses in parental allowance are disproportionately high compared with additional income.

Our Elterngeldsoftware calculates your optimal ElterngeldPlus gross amount so that you can be on the safe side that your parental allowance will not be reduced.

Screenschot software

The picture shows our additional income calculator. You can also enter any income to check how the additional income will affect your parental allowance.

The rules regarding parental benefits can be very complicated. There may be surprises, especially when it comes to additional income. Use our software or a personal parental benefit consultation to be on the safe side and get the best out of it.

Too complicated? - Our tip

The parental allowance rules can be complicated. Make it easy and, like many other parents, use our services to get the most out of your parental allowance. We offer you many possibilities to make your application for parental leave as easy and uncomplicated as possible:

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