Multiple birth bonus

The support of multiple births in parental allowance

For parents of multiples (e.g. twins, triplets, quadruplets) or families with upcoming multiple births, we provide the most relevant information on parental allowance and the multiple birth bonus in this article. Find out whether you are entitled to a multiple birth bonus and what level of support you can expect.

Multiple birth bonus - Knowledge for parents with multiple children.

Here are the most important facts for parents of multiples:

  • The parental allowance increases for each multiple child (300€ in the basic parental allowance and 150€ in the parental allowance plus).
  • The bonus is automatically applied for in the parental allowance application by specifying the number of multiples
  • For each multiple child, the purpose-built birth certificate “To apply for parental allowance” must be submitted
  • There is no special time limit for the bonus
  • Various federal states have additional support programs for parents of multiples
  • In the past, parents received the full parental allowance for each multiple, but since 01.01.2015 this is no longer possible.

What is the multiple birth bonus?

Since double, triple, etc. parental allowance is no longer paid in the case of multiple births, the multiple birth bonus is intended exclusively to compensate for the special burdens that exist in the case of multiple births. The multiple birth bonus is regulated in § 2a para. 4 sentence 1 BEEG and is also paid in full in addition to the minimum parental allowance.

Previously (births up to and including December 31, 2014), parents received “double” parental allowance, but this was simply due to formal errors in the then version of the BEEG, so the Federal Social Court in Kassel (Az: B 10 EG 3/12 R and B 10 EG 8/12 R) ruled that in the case of twins each parent was entitled to the then “full” parental allowance.


With the legislative reform on 01.01.2015, the legislative will was clarified and the multiple birth bonus was included in the law in its current form.

How much is the multiple birth bonus?


Bonus: 300,00€

The multiple birth bonus for twins is €300.00 with basic parental allowance.


Bonus: 600,00 €

The multiple birth bonus for triplets with basic parental allowance amounts to 600,00 €.


Bonus: 900,00 €

The multiple birth bonus for quadruplets with basic parental allowance amounts to 900,00 €.


Bonus: 1.200,00 €

The multiple birth bonus for quintuplets with basic parental allowance amounts to 1.200,00 €.


Bonus: 1.500,00 €

The multiple birth bonus for sextuplets with basic parental allowance amounts to 1.500,00 €.


Bonus: 1.800,00 €

The multiple birth bonus for septuplets with basic parental allowance amounts to 1.800,00 €.

Some federal states offer special subsidies for multiples. For example, Baden-Württemberg pays a Multiple Birth Program from triplets directly after birth a one-time payment of 1,700€ per multiple. Some federal states offer (honorary) sponsorships for multiple-child families or multiple births; if in doubt, contact the family ministry of your federal state of residence.

When and for how long is the multiple birth bonus paid?

The payment of the multiple birth bonus is made over the entire reference period of the parental allowance.

The twins were born on June 22, 2022. The mother has a basic parental allowance entitlement of €1,206 and applies for 12 months of basic parental allowance.


After maternity leave, the mother receives 1,506€ basic parental allowance per month of life (1,206€ basic entitlement plus 300€ multiple birth bonus). She will receive the last payment at the end of June 2023 for month 12.

Where do I apply for the multiple birth bonus?

You apply for the multiple birth bonus as part of your regular application for parental allowance at the responsible parental allowance office. Separate forms are not required here – as a rule, information on multiples is requested in the basic data section on the application child (usually the first page of the parental allowance application). Proof of eligibility for the multiple birth bonus is provided by submitting the original, purpose-built birth certificate “To Apply for Parental Allowance” for each multiple child.


Application multiple birth bonus

How do I apply for the multiple birth bonus?

If you want to apply for the multiple birth bonus for your children, you do not need a separate application. When you submit your complete application for parental allowance to the relevant parental allowance office, it will also be checked whether you are entitled to a multiple birth bonus. The approved multiple birth bonus will be paid to you monthly.


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Who pays the multiple birth bonus?

Responsible for the monthly payment of the multiple birth bonus is your Parental Allowance Office.

Multiple birth bonus with parental allowance plus

If you receive parental allowance plus, the multiple birth bonus for each additional multiple child is €150.00.

If parents are assessed jointly for income tax and claim parental leave for more than one year, receiving parental allowance with parental allowancePlus is particularly worthwhile in terms of income tax.


The background to this is that parental allowance, as a tax-free social benefit, is subject to the progression proviso and thus indirectly increases the income tax rate. Parental allowancePlus spreads the progression income over as many (two or three) tax assessment periods as possible, which can significantly mitigate the progression effect. More information in our article Parental allowance and tax return.

Multiple birth bonus and sibling bonus?

In the case of a multiple birth, you will not receive a sibling bonus for the multiple birth(s), since the multiple birth bonus is provided as an allowance in this case.


However, if there is an older sibling living in the household, you may be eligible under the basic requirements for the Sibling bonus to receive this in parallel with the multiple birth bonus. Incidentally, this is even explicitly included in the law, see § 2a (4) sentence 2 BEEG.

There is a 1.5 year old child living in the household when twins were born. In order to relieve the mother, the father applies for basic parental allowance during the first 5 months of the twins’ lives.


For example, his basic entitlement is 1,800€. Add to this the sibling bonus of 180€/month of life and the multiple birth bonus of 300€/month of life, and his parental allowance is 2,280€/month of life.

Is the multiple birth bonus paid per child?

The parental allowance office distributes the approved amount of basic parental allowance or parental allowance plus to the first-born multiple child. All other multiple children receive the multiple birth bonus of €300.00 (if receiving basic parental allowance) or €150.00 (if receiving parental allowance plus). This regulation goes back to the introduction of parental allowance plus. This means that “double parental allowance” is no longer possible for multiple births from 01.01.2015. These regulations do not yet apply to multiple births up to and including 31.12.2014.

Multiple births before 01.01.2015

For multiple births up to and including Dec. 31, 2014, parents could receive the “full” parental allowance for each multiple child. The previous income was taken as the basis. Parents without their own income with multiple births up to and including 31.12.2014 are entitled to the minimum amount of parental allowance plus multiple birth bonus per multiple child.


More information above under “What is the multiple birth bonus”.

No multiple birth bonus for multiple adoptions

Final decision still pending, however

The Regional Social Court of Nordrhein-Westfalen has rejected the multiple birth bonus in the case of parental allowance for multiple adoptions. Here you will find the judgment of April 30, 2021 (Case No. L 13 EG 15/18), which has since been appealed to the Federal Social Court (BSG No. B 10 EG 2/21 R).


Info on the facts:
The plaintiff’s wife brought four children into the joint marriage, all of whom he adopted at the same time. The defendant’s parental allowance office granted him parental allowance for the care of the children for the 6th to 14th month from the date of adoption. The plaintiff now claimed that he was entitled to multiple birth bonuses of 300 euros each. The case of a multiple adoption was comparable to a multiple birth. The defendant parental allowance office refused to grant the supplement. His action before the Social Court of Dortmund was unsuccessful. His appeal to the Regional Social Court was also unsuccessful. The Regional Social Court confirmed that the plaintiff was not entitled to a multiple birth bonus for any of the other adopted children.


Reasoning of the court:
The basis of entitlement to the multiple birth bonus (§ 2a par. 4 sentence 1 BEEG) was

“According to the wording and the context of the provision, it is not applicable to the case of a multiple adoption. Analogous application was not required. If the legislature had wanted to provide for the multiple birth bonus also in the case of multiple adoptions, there would have been sufficient opportunity for a corresponding provision. Moreover, there was no comparable situation. According to the explanatory memorandum, the multiple birth bonus takes into account the special burden on the parents in the case of multiple births. The start of cohabitation with adopted children was also regularly associated with special demands on the parents’ caring services. However, there is a considerable difference in that adopted children are sometimes much older than newborns and the time of adoption can be planned differently. Thus, the plaintiff had already lived in a common household with the children, who were between three and ten years old, for more than two years. In addition, the legislature had a wide scope of action in social welfare law. Therefore, it does not violate the constitutional principle of equality to provide a supplement only for the special burdens of a multiple birth.”, the court explained.

Recommendation to concerned Parents:

Because an appeal against the ruling has been filed with the Federal Social Court, we recommend that affected parents file an application to amend the parental allowance notices. This can also be done retroactively and outside the objection period with reference to a review in accordance with § 44 SGB X, with justification of the pending proceedings at the Federal Social Court (Case No. B 10 EG 2/21 R) with simultaneous application for suspension of the proceedings until the judgment.


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