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Parental allowance application for basic parental allowance and parental allowance plus

You can download the forms for the application for parental allowance in Hamburg here.

If you are a resident of Hamburg, parents can submit their application for parental allowance to one of the 7 district offices in Hamburg. You can find out which of these parental allowance offices you need to contact specifically in the information below. The city of Hamburg also offers you the possibility to fill out your application online via the digital platform ElterngeldDigital. Einfach Elterngeld has also summarized all the important tips for applying for basic parental allowance and parental allowance plus in the city of Hamburg.


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Parental allowance application Hamburg: Free download as PDF

As a parent living in Hamburg, you would like to apply for parental allowance? Here you can download the form for your application free of charge. You can find important explanations of the application forms in the additional fact sheets.

Parental allowance application form Hamburg - Our video filling out help

The parental allowance application forms are sometimes very complicated. In our video “Parental allowance application Hamburg – Our video filling out help”, we show you how to complete the parental allowance application using an example case.

Which parental allowance office is responsible for me in Hamburg?

In the federal state of Hamburg, the parental allowance offices of the 7 district offices are responsible for your parental allowance application. You can reach the addresses of all parental allowance offices in Hamburg under the following link and thus determine at which authority you have to submit your parental allowance application. If you need further clarification regarding certificates, time periods or other questions regarding parental allowance in Hamburg, please feel free to let us know your concerns.


Here you will find information about the Parental allowance office Hamburg.

The safest way to apply for parental allowance in Hamburg

For an optimal process when applying for parental allowance, we recommend all parents to consider the following points. By taking the practical tips into account, you will simplify the process of filling out the application forms and maintain an overview. In addition, you will prevent incorrect or missing certificates and increase the chance of rapid processing by the parental allowance office.


Our Tips


  1. Deal with the topic early and try to plan the best parental allowance for your life situation
  2. Optimize their income before the birth
  3. Prepare the applications (parental allowance, child benefit, maternity leave payment, etc.) already before the birth
  4. After the birth, gather all the required documents (documents, certificates, etc.) as soon as possible so that your applications can be submitted to the parental allowance office as soon as possible.

What do you need for the parental allowance application?

Before applying for basic parental allowance or parental allowance plus, you should familiarize yourself with the required certificates that must be submitted in addition to the actual application form. For your responsible parental allowance office in Hamburg, in addition to the parental allowance application, you will need proof of the parents’ income, your child’s birth certificate, documents from your employer and health insurance company, identification documents of the parents, as well as any existing notices regarding ALGI, sickness compensation, etc. It is important that all notices and data that you send to the parental allowance office of your district in Hamburg are complete and correct.


  • Completed application form
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of income
  • Certificates from the health insurance company
  • Certificates from the employer
  • Identity cards
  • Approval notices (recipients of ALG I, sickness payments, etc.)
  • passport and residence permit, if applicable
  • Income tax notice, etc.

Tips for the parental allowance application

  • 1. Optimize your prenatal income The amount of your parental allowance is based on your prenatal income. Try to optimize your prenatal income with regard to parental allowance.
  • 2. Plan your reference period Every family situation is different. Think carefully about which reference option is best for your life situation. Compare alternatives and consider your needs/ideas and those of your partner, employer, etc.
  • 3. Prepare the applications and the required documents in the best possible way Get an overview of all the required certificates and documents for the parental allowance application in Hamburg to make it easier to fill out the forms and optimize the application process at the parental allowance office.

Online parental allowance application for Hamburg

In the federal state of Hamburg, parents can also process their application for basic parental allowance or parental allowance plus online. This requires registration on the ElterngeldDigital platform. The processing status can be saved as desired and continued at a later time. However, there is no provision for digital transmission to the parental allowance offices in Hamburg. Parents must print out the digital application, sign it, and send it to the relevant parental allowance office by mail.

If you would like to make use of functions such as the favorability test, additional earnings calculator and intelligent reference period planner, you can use the practical Parental Allowance Software from Einfach Elterngeld.

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