Your Parents Allowence Advice Dresden

The Team behind "Einfach Elterngeld"

Felix Böhme
Founder and Managing Director

My name is Felix Böhme. I am married, have two daughters and one son. When I had to deal with my personal parental allowance application some time ago, I found myself in a not easily comprehensible abundance of information, applications, calculators and leaflets.

Due to several years of experience as a civil servant in the public finance administration, I don't find it that difficult to deal with forms, authorities and modesty. However I suspect that there are some parents who are almost desperate of their parental allowance application.

What is possible for us as a family? Which are the options for my individual circumstances? Is my notification correct? Why do the results of the Internet calculator deviate from those of the permit notice? I am the right contact person for exactly this group of parents as Diplom-Finanzwirt (FH). Mainly I take care of the Parental Allowance software.

S. Knapik
Parental Allowance Consultant

I am pleased to assist you in the context of personal consultations in the area of Dresden. Through my work at the Parents Allowance Advice Dresden, I have realised that good advice is very important for many parents. The Parental Allowance and Leave Act with its approx. 450 pages of guidelines can be very complicated in individual cases. I gladly recommend our advice to friends and acquaintances.