Who is behind „Einfach Elterngeld“

„The path to greatness is with others“

F. Böhme
Felix Böhme
Founder and managing director
Dipl. Finanzwirt (FH)
As a father of four children, I had to deal with my own personal parental allowance case some time ago and found myself in a not easily comprehensible flood of information, applications, calculators and instruction sheets.

Due to my several years as a civil servant in the public financial administration, I have no difficulty in dealing with forms, authorities and notifications. However, I believe that there are many parents who almost despair of their parental allowance situation.

How is the parental allowance calculated? Is there room for creativity? How do we apply for it "best"? Why do the results of the Internet calculator differ from those of the approval notice? I am the right contact person for exactly this group of parents.
S. Knapik
Susann Knapik
Parental Allowance Consultant
I would be happy to help you with all aspects of your parental allowance, parental leave, child benefit, maternity leave, etc. case.

By working for "Einfach Elterngeld" I have realized that good advice is very important for many parents. The parental allowance and parental leave law with its approx. 450 pages of guidelines can be very complicated in individual cases. I also recommend our consultation to friends and acquaintances.
F. Böhme
Katharina Miltenberger
Parental Allowance Consultant (LL. M. - Wirtschaftsrecht)
Knowledge is power and I would like to help you gain the power of understanding the parental allowance. The parental allowance is one of the largest social benefits and is therefore an essential part for the time in which the lower to missing income must be compensated as well as the new family member enjoys priority. However, the way until the money is available is complicated and often you still have one or the other question. To make this time easier for you - before or after the birth - I am at your side, no matter if it should be just a consultation or the whole package.
Externe Partner
Ferdinand Gerstetter
Parental Allowance Consultant (Psych. M. Sc.)
When the family grows this is always also a very special time, often with many new challenges. With my advice, I would like to support you especially then, so that you feel secure and competent in the areas of parental allowance and parental leave, leaving time for the other important things.
A. Petzold
Annett Petzold
Ba Eng. in media technology
I support "Einfach Elterngeld" in the areas of graphics, social media and content management. I create graphics and texts so that expert knowledge is available in a functional and well-structured way and can be accessed in a targeted manner. In the social media area, I oversee the various channels to provide all parents with quick access to the latest information.
D. Kretzschmar
David Kretzschmar
Parental Allowance Consultant (Dipl. Verkehrsw.)
No matter whether the first child is announced or a sibling, the personal family and professional situation is very individual. That makes it all the more important to have a partner with whom you can find the right solution. This also applies to the topic of parental allowance and time. I would be happy to help you identify and assess the options available, especially in the wake of the parental allowance reform of 2021.
Externe Partner
External partners
In addition to our own staff, we also benefit from a network of software developers, web designers and online marketing experts. Our cooperation lawyer (specialist lawyer for family law) is also always ready to assist us and support parents.