Why parental benefit advice is worthwhile for you

Parental benefit advice is worthwhile for you in many ways. If you are not exactly the typical application form and explanation form „fan" or if you have someone in your circle of acquaintances who knows the matter very well and is happy to support you, your parental allowance case can bring many challenges.

If you are one of those people who don't like to invest a lot of time and effort in applying for state benefits and if you are challenged by the associated paperwork and bureaucracy, then you are the perfect customer for the services we offer here.

If you want to deal with the really important things in life during your exciting phase of life (after all, you are going to be a parent!) and would rather place your financial situation with regard to parental benefits in professional hands, it may be worth taking a look at the consulting portfolio.

Especially since the introduction of the so-called "Elterngeld Plus" for children born after 1 July 2015, applying for parental allowance is not an easy walk. The former judge at the Federal Social Court, Mr. Dirk Dau, correctly formulated this in a technical contribution:

"Without detailed explanations, no path can be taken through the jungle of basic parental allowance, parental allowance plus, partnership bonus months, partner months and a combination of all these forms of benefit cultivated in the legislator's greenhouse. The legal complexity has thus reached a level that makes it almost impossible for those affected to apply it themselves." ¹

The Bundeselterngeld- und Elternzeitgesetz (BBEG) has only 27 paragraphs, but the official guidelines for parental benefit offices now cover more than 450 DIN A4 pages. Not in vain already hundreds of court decisions in parental money or parental leave affairs went out. In many individual cases there is nevertheless some options for you, why a thorough consultation can be quite an advantage for you.

You may ask yourself whether it is really necessary to pay for a parental allowance consultation if there are (partly governmental) agencies that give free advice on parental matters. This thought is of course understandable, but you should concerne that the respective advisors are service providers for you, but are not paid by you, but by their employers (mostly the government). So the question is ,whether these consultants will actually try to find the best possible design for you at all times. In addition, the time of these consultants is often limited, which is why it may not be possible to examine all your alternatives. Finally, none of these consultants fills out the applications for you.

The advantages of a parental allowance consultation by me that speak for themselves can be summarised as follows:

  • Your full satisfaction is our highest goal

  • As much time as you need will be taken care of.

  • The consultation takes place at your desired location and at your desired time (and not during the - tightly scheduled - opening hours of the advice centres), i.e. in a familiar and pleasant atmosphere.

  • You receive a well-prepared visual representation of your possible combination of parental leave and parental allowance.

  • All questions are clarified, even possible alternatives are presented visually well and easily understandable.

  • With the Top or Premium packages, you no longer have to worry about anything concerning the application procedure. Everything will be taken care of for you.

  • So you can fully concentrate on becoming a parent, the birth and the following beautiful family time with your newborn child.

Read here information about me and explore here my consulting offer. Do you already know the parental allowance software, perhaps this product already helps you sufficiently?

Best regards,

Felix Böhme, graduate in finance (FH)

¹ Dau cited Richter, DStR 2015, paragraph 366-368


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